February Comic

Newspaper Comic

By: Tori Sydenstricker



Cold Blankets

By: Briah Kerns

the shadows of my mind spill blankets onto my soul

my ears scream when I hear “I’m sorry for you loss”

my mouth tends to be a better listener now

my lungs are no longer working to support an energetic kid but merely functioning as a steam engine to chug around a train that nobody is piloting

my eyes are blind and blurry from every tear shed over somebody I’ll never hold again

I will find peace

I do feel love

I’ll always feel that pain

the only regret I feel is that I didn’t tell you one last time that I loved you

and now every teardrop that falls from my face will form a puddle that will write the words out so big, you will see them from the highest heaven.

I love you.

Yearbook Holdup

By: Les Meredith

Planning on buying a yearbook this year? Better think twice, according to our anonymous sources, last year’s yearbook is just being finished up now, and is yet to be paid off in its entirety. This means that this year’s yearbook has yet to even be started. On top of all of this, refunds are extremely difficult to get. The yearbook club has started to make fast work, though so we’ll be watching to see if this year’s is worth its price and wait, but I think it will be.

Disclaimer: This is not an opinion held by the entire newspaper staff. I only speak for myself.

Dear Katie

Dear Katie,

I just broke up with my girlfriend of a year and we ended things okay, but then she hardcore hit on a mutual friend of ours, while at my house and even though the friend knew it would hurt me, she kissed her, in my house! Now we all still hang, but I can’t stand to be near them, because it hurts, they went to homecoming together and my squad and I had to dance with them. My ex and I keep trading looks and insults. What do I do?

Long Lost Lover

Dear Long Lost Lover,

You have four options here. First, you could break off all the friend that hurt you. I know this may be overwhelming or a big step, but it may help you way more in the end. Second, You could confront the friends, if they’re real friends, they will listen and try to help. Third, You can try to suck it up and just deal with it, or your final option, rebound with someone twice as cute.

Katie B